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I'm curious: what appeals to you in Bachel ? (I'm asking this in the most innocent and curious tone ever :D to each their ship)


Don’t worry, I’m taking it innocently. :) And I love that you ask because I find that a lot of people when they don’t ship something they just avoid it like the plague or hate on it instead of ever really trying to understand what someone else might see in that pairing.

Okay, I feel like this is kind of complicated to explain just like they are so I hope that you’re ready for an essay because this is probably going to turn into one. Also this is probably going to be really disorganized and all over the place, but I’ll try not to make it too confusing hopefully… I’m not really sure of why exactly I suddenly ship them more, but here are some reasons… Okay, here we go…

First I would like to point out that I don’t ship them as being the perfect fluffy couple that’s always looking out for each other and rarely fights. When I see them together I see them as both having their own problems and maybe they aren’t perfect together, a lot of the time they’re a hot-mess, but they stay together because they think that they’re better together and that it’s a little less difficult for them to bear the weight of the world and everything that they’ve done when they’re together. Both have had their dark pasts and both have killed without a second thought, but being around the other gives them a push to try and avoid going back to that. They’re a mess, but they stick together because they both need someone or something to cling to.

They also have pretty passionate feelings towards each other. And I know that you’re probably thinking ‘yeah, passionate feelings of hate’, but just give me a second to explain this part. I feel like in order for you to really hate someone you had to at some point care about them or see something better in them that ended in disappointment. And I feel like that passion could easily turn into angry sex. I feel like this is a really bad explanation of what I’m trying to say, so sorry if this part doesn’t make any sense. I just don’t really know how to put what I’m thinking into words here.

We also already know that Bass has a habit of falling for the same girls as Miles. He likes the same kind of girls as Miles, tough girls who can take care of themselves like Rachel (I mean seriously, Emma went through the entire fucking episode Home without revealing anything to Bass until the very end and when she revealed that they had a kid and even with a gun pointed at her she remained in control while Bass was crying away). They’re both strong-willed and Rachel clearly fits this bill. And as much as Bass doesn’t like to admit it, he’s impressed by how tough Rachel is and the fact that she can take care of herself. The cold-hearted bitch side to her might not appeal to others (no one get mad. I know that Rachel isn’t all cold-hearted bitch, but there certainly are some parts of her that have hardened after everything that she’s been through into that), but I think it’s part of what makes her appeal to him. Bass has hit on or slept with or had something with pretty much every girl Miles has looked at. The case wasn’t any different with Rachel and clearly something already propelled them together at least once with their one night stand in Philly. Obviously they didn’t hate each other quite as much as they like to let on.

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And judging by the look on his face after she rejected him when he kissed her again he was expecting something more. He was expecting something other than being told to stay away from him because he must have thought that there was at least something there or that he could make Rachel admit that she had enjoyed it or that there had at least maybe used to be something there for one night. But then when she said to stay away he looked like he was genuinely surprised and hurt. I know that some people believe that it was not consensual in Philly, but I personally believe that it was. (I don’t want to offend anybody, but that’s just what I think)

Okay, moving on with this post that is already getting out of hand length-wise and is probably going to end up being practically a novel on its own…

Alright. Rachel and Bass both have dark pasts and they each kind of ruined the world in their own way and are now struggling to try and make it right. Whether they want to admit it or not, they’re kind of on equal ground as far as that goes. And after that, it wouldn’t surprise me if they thought that they deserved each other. In fact I feel like that is definitely a concern of Rachel’s that after everything that she has done that she deserves Monroe.

Also, when we’re first shown that Rachel is still alive in season one and Bass goes to go talk to her at the end of Chained Heat, Bass seems to be clinging to Rachel a little since she is all that he has left of his past life when he was just Bass instead of General Monroe (a link to before he started messing everything up and losing everyone). He even mentions how it’s always nice to see someone that knew him before and his voice is actually sincere instead of the usual manipulative menacing tone that he did with well pretty much everyone he encountered in season one, especially his other prisoners. And for the start of this scene they have a somewhat normal, civilized conversation. Like Bass wants for them to be friends instead of her being his prisoner.

*Goes to go make quick shitty gifs*

Also when he says that everyone liked him better back then at that he thinks that he even did that’s him opening up to Rachel in a way that’s very uncharacteristic for him around anyone but Miles. And she looks surprised by it.

Bass also, interestingly enough, accepts responsibility for Ben’s death. He could have tried to deny it or passed off the blame, but instead he did take the courtesy of telling Rachel that he was dead and when asked if it was him who killed Ben he apologizes instead of trying to defend himself and point out the fact that he had wanted Ben brought in alive but one of his men had gotten out of hand. And again, this apology is sincere which is a rarity from Bass since he spends virtually all of season one trying to say things that were really sweet in a menacing tone as he leans over people trying to intimidate them in a way that’s more effective then just saying horrible things flat out. And it worked. I mean season one Bass when he was trying to intimidate people was creepy as fuck so ten points to David for pulling that off, am I right? Also in the scene at the end of Chained Heat (yeah, I’m referencing this one a lot because I watched it recently so I remember more specific parts of it more than a lot of the other episodes as far as Bass and Rachel go…) when Rachel starts trying to attack Bass he doesn’t hit her back or anything. He just restrains her… A little unusual for a man who tries so hard to assert his power over everyone and everything, am I right? (Or am I just reading too far into things since I suddenly became a big Bachel shipper out of nowhere with no solid explanation as to why this hit me so hard today?) But I think his usual response to that kind of thing was torture or killing.

Okay, well I was going to make more gifs to add in after I finished writing this, but it’s late so I’ll just write out what they say after this because I need to get to bed, but I want to get this posted first.

Rachel: You’re lying.

Bass: I wish I was.

Rachel: I take it you’re the one who killed him.

Bass: Understand me that it’s the last thing that I ever wanted… I’m sorry.

Also, according to Bass they used to be friends before the blackout. (We’ve never been shown any proof of the truthfulness of this in flashbacks, but it does seem reasonable. And even if they weren’t it’s at least something that Bass seemed to think that they had been. That seems to imply that at some point she was important to him if he would bring that up) I might have already touched on this further up, but I think that part of the reason that Bass kept Rachel hostage after Miles ran off was because she was the only part of his old life left and he didn’t want to lose that and so, by extension, he didn’t want to lose her either.

Rachel wasn’t like other prisoners in some ways that I’ve already mentioned, but also in the fact that for most of the time she was there he didn’t keep her locked up in a tiny, dingy old cell like he did with everyone else. He kept Rachel living in the lap of luxury for most of the time even when she wasn’t giving him the answers he wanted like he was trying to keep her comfortable as an apology for holding her there and because he wanted her to want to be there with him. It wasn’t until he reached his breaking point from Miles working with the rebels against him that he stopped giving her the royal treatment. And at that point I think it was less about trying to hurt Rachel and more about trying to hurt Miles by hurting her.

(I am so sorry that this is turning out so long, but I’m also a little impressed with myself that I have this much to say about the topic)

When they’re in the tower at the end of season one and Bass isn’t sure whether he’ll be able to even get himself out alive or not, but he promises Rachel that he will get Charlie out (I’m pretty sure) that’s the first selfless thing that we’ve seen Monroe do that wasn’t during a flashback. I think a big part of that is because he’s just finally starting to understand the extent of the damage that he has caused. He feels guilty for being a part of taking Danny away from Rachel and he wants to make it up to her and keep something, anything, between them and so he is willing to risk his life to try and save Charlie for her. Other than Miles there really isn’t anyone else that Bass had been willing to do that for so far… And even in season 2 the list of people really is not that long.

I also found it interesting in this scene how Bass was so reluctant to admit his role in Danny’s death. This was kind of the polar opposite approach of what he did with Ben’s death although he did seem apologetic both times. I also found it interesting how he let himself break down in front of Rachel in this scene. Even though he had been starting to fall apart for quite a while, Bass hadn’t let anyone in. He hadn’t even really let Jeremy in very far and I think that it definitely means something that he let himself be vulnerable with Rachel there in a way that he doesn’t really let himself be vulnerable anywhere else except around Miles. I also liked that Rachel didn’t let him get away with the self-pity trying to make himself feel better and seem like a better person. Rachel didn’t let him get away with that shit, she pretty much told him that actions speak louder than words and someone who doesn’t put up with his shit and points out when he’s doing something reckless or wrong is exactly what Sebastian Monroe needs in his life… Just saying…

Alright. That was mostly season one stuff with a little bit of season two occasionally peppered in, so let’s talk season two now.

At any point during the second season Rachel could have killed Bass, and maybe there were a few weak attempts at threatening him with a gun or whatever, but she never really tried. If she had really been dedicated to killing him then Bass would have been dead and he would have been dead a long time ago. How many times was he asleep when she could have done something to him? How many times did he have  his guard down? How many opportunities did badass Rachel Matheson have to kill Bass that she didn’t take because she must have seen something in him that was at least a little redeemable or at least the tiniest glimmer of humanity or something that held her back from putting him down like a rabid dog.

For that matter, Rachel could have killed him during season one many times as well. I know that you’re probably thinking ‘but she did try’, but did she really try or did she just put up an appearance of trying and not giving up? I think that she thought that she had tried and that she genuinely believed that maybe she wanted him dead, but there definitely were missed opportunities. For example, she could have killed him in the screwdriver scene, but instead killed someone else. Was there something still lingering of the old Bass that made her stop or think not to kill him? I don’t know.

Along the same lines, Rachel must have seen something redeemable or some potential for good or something other than a monster with a corrupting influence on Miles when she faked his execution and then single-handedly dug up his body. She could have easily executed him or changed her mind and left him there buried or even unburied him and told him that he had to get out of there or stay away but she didn’t.

She also must have seen something beyond a corrupting influence when she went with Bass to Mexico and helped him find Connor. She may not have liked him, but she helped get that family back together. …Maybe because she knew how difficult it was to have a separated family from her own experience or maybe for another reason… But either way, at some point she did start trusting him enough to help out on the way to get his son. And who knows, maybe she even started the journey with the intent on keeping an eye on him and making sure that Miles came back safely, but she could have left Bass behind in Mexico and tried to just get Miles back or she could have tried to convince Connor to stay away from his father and that he was bad news, but she didn’t.

I would also like to point out that when Bass found the fliers that said that he and Rachel were the two most wanted fugitives to the Patriots that he could have not shown Charlie the one about Rachel or either of them for that matter. He could have easily denied having seen it or have decided that it wasn’t his concern and gone back to trying to lay low and look out for himself only, but he didn’t. Instead he went with Charlie to try and fight the Patriots and keep himself and the Mathesons safe when he usually only cares about his own life and Miles’… He isn’t supposed to care about Rachel and he doesn’t admit to it, but actions do speak louder than words…

Also, anyone other than Miles who made any attempts at attacking Bass or taking his life (with or without proof as in the case of Jeremy) were met with harsh punishments like torture or death and yet there was no real retaliation or consequences for Rachel after she made attempts on Bass’s life or attacked him. That could have just been guilt talking (although Bass doesn’t seem to have a lot of that towards specific people and certainly didn’t show any mercy to Jeremy who was one of his closest friends and basically his best friend since Miles left) or it could have been something else because he had some kind of affection or feelings (romantic or not) towards her after knowing her for so long.

They also both have messed up in the past but are trying to be better for their children and have their kids not turn out like them. Both of them have lost family and don’t have much left and are struggling to try and be a part of their kid’s lives but Charlie and Connor aren’t little kids anymore and they keep pushing their parents away and don’t want to be reliant on them. So I think there’s a vacancy there in both of them that they crave to fill. They just want someone there who wants or needs them around and someone to be there to keep them from being alone.

I don’t think that either of them are really looking for any kind of serious relationship or major commitment anymore at this point after all that has happened to them and the people that they cared about in the past. I think that what they want is something with less strings and what they really need is just someone to hold at night and someone who they can go to in order to distract themselves from the bad thoughts when they start to creep back in.

When I think of Bass and Rachel getting together I don’t think of some sappy I have always loved you cheesy flashback montage everything I have ever done was for you Miloe kind of deal (Although I do find  sappy I have always loved you cheesy flashback montage everything I have ever done was for you Miloe things adorable, just not fitting for this pairing at all).

And in S#!& Happens before Bass kisses Rachel, he tries to convince her to stay away from Miles and says that she is “grinding him into the dirt”. He thinks that Miles is better off without her, but he also thinks of Miles as better than him so it would make sense to me if he wanted better for Miles, but thought of Rachel as what he deserved or the best he was going to get.

…We know that when Rachel gets upset or is in a self-hatred mood that she typically hops into bed with the worst possible guy. Gene has pretty much flat out pointed that out and I mean it is kind of evident what with the whole sleeping with her brother-in-law and the one-night stand with her captor deals. When Bass is feeling down or guilty or hating himself he tends to do the same with the worst girl around as is kind of evident with him hitting on Nora and having a one-night stand with his best friend who hates him’s ex-girlfriend/sister-in-law and sleeping with Miles’ girlfriend/fiance/whatever Emma was to him at that point I mean I know they were engaged at one point but I don’t think that it was necessarily then but whatever that’s not the point that I’m making right now anyways.

So anyways, I envision them getting together as Rachel being upset and having had a bit to drink before going to Bass and throwing herself at him to try and take her mind off of all of the pain and hurt and guilt and they have angry sex or I don’t want to alone sex or whatever you want to call it, but basically at this point it’s just meaningless sex that they need to get themselves through the pain.

This whatever you want to label it as sex starts to become a routine escape, but each and every time they agree that no one can find out about it and that this time it really was the last time. But it never really is the last time and they both keep going back because they’ve kind of become each other’s lifelines.

Neither of them will want to admit it, but I think that they’d start to develop feelings for each other. That doesn’t mean that they’d admit it though. They’d push it down and try to deny it as hard as they could because they aren’t the kind of relationship that just comes easily. They’re complicated and messy and gritty, but there’s still something there.

And after they slept together at first Rachel would just get dressed and leave right away afterwards while feeling guilty. Eventually that would turn into rolling to face away from him and still feeling guilty but not leaving right away. At some point the guilt would start to fade and she’d find herself able to share a bed or blanket or whatever make-shift bedding they have for the night (just as long as no one was too close of course).

Eventually after they’d been together for a while (and believe me, I am using the term together here very leniently. I mean together in this context pretty much means casually fucking) something happens. This something could be Gene getting killed or kidnapped by Patriots and Rachel getting upset and finding herself going to Bass for comfort or Bass finding himself going to comfort her. Or this something could be a group of Patriots attacking and Rachel acting without thinking to save Bass’s life or vice versa. But whatever this something is, it makes them or Rachel stop and think for a minute and realize that they or she need(s) to re-evaluate her/their feelings towards him/each other.

And I feel like they would still try and fight their feelings and still end up crawling back over and over as they start to let their feelings in a little more and let their guards down around each other a little more. This definitely is not the kind of relationship that go from 0 to 60 in the snap of your fingers, they need a lot of work and time before they can really manage to get to any kind of normal, but I think that might be part of what makes them interesting. I think they’d kind of be like Nora and Miles. Not completely, but I think that would be the best comparison.

And I mean maybe when they first start sleeping together or after they already have a few times Bass realizes that it’s because she’s guilty and tries to relieve her guilt a little or talks about understanding it. I think that’s also a big part of the appeal for me, that they’re really the only ones who full understand the kind of guilt that the other one feels after their mistakes that started off as trying to help. And I think that’s part of what would draw them (reluctantly I’ll give you) towards each other.

I think that it really could go either way for whether they last in the long run or not, but I do think that they would be the perfect candidates for the other to try and pick up the pieces of themselves with (if that makes sense).

And I mean communication wouldn’t be a problem with them, right? *innocent shrug* I mean they just tend to full blown let out whatever they’re thinking or feeling around the other person so they would never be trying to hide things to protect the others’ feelings and making things worse that way.

And let’s face it, if they start sleeping together then it’s pretty much a guarantee that Bass would start having feelings for her. I mean he is pretty awful at trying not to get attached to his lady friends as history shows.

And I understand if you guys disagree or don’t ship them or whatever, but these are just my thoughts on the pairing.


I’m still obsessed with the idea of Bass and Rachel together. That’s such an unpopular opinion but idk, I loved them


The Beckham boys family portrait at the World Cup from a far shot to zoomed in lol. 


Sebastian Monroe + Firearms [4/6] 

goddammit he looks so HOT


Sebastian Monroe + Firearms [5/6] 

goddammit he looks so HOT